AWAL is designed to build long term careers of different shapes, sizes, and scenes. From 200,000 streams to 2 billion and beyond.
No size fits all.

How It Works

Different deals at different stages. We grow with you.

Gaining Momentum

Gaining Momentum

Artists with a trajectory, making moves and turning heads.

Breaking Through

A smaller group of artists on our radar who are on the verge of leveling up.

Going Global

Artists building empires who need a global partner on their terms.

AWAL Analytics
A&R Discovery
Artist Rep
Radio + PR
Global Strategy

At every stage, every AWAL artist owns their work, calls the shots, takes home the lion’s share of revenue, and sidesteps long-term contracts.

Gaining Momentum

How do artists join this stage?
A: Direct referral via someone we trust
B: Our online A&R submission process (some of our biggest artists started with this first step)
Ambar Lucid | Opens for Omar Apollo on the sold-out West Coast leg of his US theater tour. | Gets a glowing endorsement from Pigeons and Planes.

Reach Listeners In Over 200 Territories

We distribute to every major DSP and digital store around the world. You keep 85% of your revenue along with the freedom to leave whenever you want.

Cross-Platform Streaming Insights

We help you flip streams into insights with skip rates, completions, playlist history, and lots more. We’re proud to have built the most comprehensive streaming analytics platform in music.

Some Sprouts | Sell out their hometown club in Regensburg, GER before making their UK debut at The Great Escape festival.

A&R Discovery & Upstream

Our global A&R team monitors everything and constantly searches for opportunities to lend a hand to AWAL artists gaining traction in interesting ways.

What determines who gets upstreamed?
It’s a combination of your numbers, our A&R team’s judgement, and the credibility and history of your team. We can’t upstream everyone, but we only work with artists we believe have a shot.

Breaking Through

How do artists join this stage?
Some artists join AWAL at this stage, usually working through a manager or a lawyer, but our model is based on keeping tabs on early stage artists on our platform and upstreaming as many as possible. Once you’re in, our A&R team will work directly with you to discuss an appropriate strategy that includes some combination of the following services.

Dedicated AWAL Rep

You’ll have a point person at AWAL to call your own. They’ll fool-proof your releases, refine your campaign strategies, and ensure you’re always up to speed on best practices across the board.

Lion Babe | Lands a major synch on HBO’s "Insecure."
CXLOE | Opens for Maroon 5 on their Australian tour.

Project Funding

When we see enough momentum, we offer you funding for your project. We usually take a few more percentage points and will recoup from the project’s earnings, but you control the budget and are free to make your next move after the campaign.

What determines who gets funding?
It’s a combination of your track record to date plus the judgement of the people on our team who will have to deliver for you.
Kyle Dion | Hits 10 million streams of Suga within its first two months of release.
Channel Tres | Starts touring extensively in US and Europe plus opens for Childish Gambino in Australia.

Synch and Playlist Promotion

Our global team will seek opportunities to place your music in key playlists, plus film & TV, ads, movie trailers, and anywhere else we think we can help you get exposure.

What determines who gets playlisting and sync support?
Synch and playlist support comes down to our team sincerely believing we can help push your songs to the right people. If we do, we will.

Going Global

How do artists join this stage?
Once you’re ready for this stage, we’ll rise to meet you and go all-in with an AWAL Recordings partnership. You and your team will meet with AWAL, and you’ll work out a deal customized to your unique trajectory and needs. We take these meetings based on a combination of your numbers, our A&R team’s judgement, and your team’s history.
Steve Lacy | Is hailed as "the voice of a generation" on the cover of VICE’s i-D Magazine.
Lauv | Hits 2 billion streams and tours stadiums across Asia and North America with Ed Sheeran.

Elevated Funding

We put up money and you control the marketing budget, keep creative control, and always own 100% of your masters. We’ll take a percentage of revenue that depends on the deal, but you always keep the lion’s share.

Worldwide Artist Marketing Team

Our team amplifies extra muscle & brain power to yours, developing and overseeing global rollouts, IRL activations, digital campaigns, brand collabs, media opportunities, you name it.

Little Simz | Plays both weekends of Coachella.
FKJ | Sells out headline European tour.

Creative, Synch, Playlisting, & Radio

We lean in as you see fit to refine and maximize your vision and then spread it to all the places and partners that matter most, from Apple ads to Today’s Top Hits to Top 40 spins.

Kim Petras | Cracks the top 40 at US pop radio with her single "Heart to Break" & kicks off her global headline tour.

AWAL only joins forces with artists we think we can help. If you don’t have a direct link to our team, submit your music — we’re listening.

Here’s what our A&Rs look for