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Welcoming Alaina Castillo & Chosen People to AWAL


We’re happy to announce a global deal with Mexican-American artist Alaina Castillo via Chosen People. The AWAL Recordings deal offers Castillo & Chosen People a full range of services, including global marketing, promotion, campaign management, synchronization, global distribution, and more.

Lonny Olinick, AWAL CEO, commented on the deal, “Since the beginning, everyone we’ve shared Alaina’s music with has been taken aback – Alaina’s talent is undeniable. Almost everyone in the industry is buzzing about her and that’s a testament to not only Castillo’s music but through RØMANS and Marc’s guidance. They are doing a great job setting her up for future success and we look forward to helping her reach new heights.”

Through Castillo’s impressionistic and emotive approach to contemporary R&B and pop, the Houston-raised, Los Angeles-based artist has already received notoriety from fans and the industry alike. From her one million TikTok followers to being added to Amazon’s 2020 Artists to Watch playlist and named as the U.S. representative for Spotify’s global artist program, RADAR, her star is just starting to shine.

Castillo’s most recent EP, the voicenotes, released in English and Spanish, signals a promising new musical talent set to captivate listeners with her genre-bending sound and razor-sharp honesty. In her words, the voicenotes is raw and vulnerable, “I don’t like to express my emotions, but when it comes to this EP, this is me late at night talking about what’s stressing me out—things that I’m feeling about wanting to enjoy every moment. It’s an insight into how I feel, but it’s relatable to other people as well. I want people to understand that it’s okay not to overthink and enjoy the moment. This happens to everybody.” 

Marc Fineman of Chosen People, added, “RØMANS and I believe Alaina has all the ingredients of a once in a generation artist – we’re incredibly proud of her and the fact that we have been releasing her music right from the start via our label Chosen People. We believe that the Chosen People deal model, combining long term planning, investment and creative freedom is the best way to break artists. We knew we would have to work more intimately with a company to take things to the next level. It was an absolute no brainer to us that AWAL were the right company to provide the key infrastructure to help break Alaina internationally. The whole AWAL team have been incredible – we’ve never experienced anything like the commitment and passion they’re bringing to the table and we know moving forward that is only set to get bigger and better whilst allowing us to keep our independence, ownership and creative freedom. Alaina couldn’t be happier with the decision and neither could we.”

To learn more about Alaina Castilo, visit her website