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Welcome to the AWAL Blog!


Welcome to the AWAL Blog! This isn’t just another music blog — promise. We’re creating a community just for independent artists and their teams. Like you! This is a space meant for tackling the daily bread rattling around in every independent artist’s head. Things like how do I get more streams? Or how do I reach more fans? Or even just what can I be doing to further my career as an artist? We’ve got you covered. See below for all the different types of awesome content we’ve got coming your way.

Artist Tips and Tricks: We’re serving up tons of expert advice for mastering all the things that matter most to you like streaming, playlisting, social media, digital advertising, PR, live performances, YouTube, music publishing, recording/producing, networking, songwriting, *catches breath* and more!

Artist Spotlight: Curious what other independent artists have got cooking? We’ll be featuring AWAL artists who are killing it, celebrating their music, achievements but also picking their brains on what’s really been working for them.

Playlists: Yes, you best believe we’re going to be listening to a ton of epic music. We’ll be putting up new playlists every week showcasing all the newest and greatest tracks dropped by our incredible AWAL roster.

Industry Insights: Your go-to source for up-to-date shifts and trends in the larger music industry. We’ll help you figure out what these new changes actually mean for you and how you can capitalize on them.

AWAL News/Product: Keep your eyes on us. We’ve got a lot going on. We’re constantly creating new tools and services to revolutionize the world of music for independent artists and their teams.

Being an independent artist doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. So don’t. The AWAL Blog will always be here to help guide you along every step of your journey, wherever it may lead you.

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