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SPACES: Inside Kevin Garrett’s one-of-one Pittsburgh home studio


Gear costs dropped, the internet took off, and nothing has been the same since. As artists today have more control over how they release and promote music, they also have more control over how and where they create music.

SPACES is a series that shines AWAL’s light on the new creative process exploring how the nuances of artists environments make it unique.

We’ll feature artists in their own spaces making music, talking about music, and explaining how those spaces influences and inform the music they create.

This series aims to uncover the many places musicians make magic by documenting how these special places play a crucial role in today’s creative process.

EPISODE 1 – Kevin Garrett 

With an Apollo, a MacBook Pro, and a collection of vintage synths, Pittsburgh native and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/producer Kevin Garrett creates magic. Take a rare peek inside Kevin’s childhood music making oasis with episode 1: SPACES| Kevin Garrett.

Studio Essentials

’80s synths, vintage guitars, home city nostalgia and the comforts of the familiar lend themselves to Kevin’s inimitable sound. The singer-songwriter-producer invites us into his world, detailing the things that make his space his own. Click here to see what he had to say about the items below.



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