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Here’s What Six Elite Producers Taught Us About Making It Big


If you’re reading this, it’s time to learn. AWAL’s parent company, Kobalt, invited some of the world’s best and brightest producers in the game to sit down and share their story, in their own words, for the first three episodes of a new content franchise, (MIS)CONCEPTIONS. 

From Grammy winner Teddy Walton’s first DAW encounter (an impromptu FL Studio discovery during a torrent search for a video game) to BlaqNmilD’s Netflix Originals-worthy New Orleans rise, it’s no fillers, all meat. Guests include…

  • Teddy Walton (“LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar, “Crew” by GoldLink)
  • BlaqNmilD (“Nice For What” by Drake, “In My Feelings” by Drake)
  • Jahaan Sweet (“Drowning” by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, “Lucky You” by Eminem)
  • Kurtis McKenzie (“Redemption” by Kendrick Lamar, “Cold Blooded” by Khalid)
  • Roget Chahayed (“Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott, “Broccoli” by DRAM)

Dive into the videos below. Don’t worry, we’re binging too. 

Episode I: Kurtis McKenzie & Roget Chahayed

Key learnings…

  • COME PREPARED Bring melodies, beats, verses and good energy to every session.
  • RESPECT ACCESS Anyone can get a DAW. That doesn’t make the music wack.
  • APPRECIATE MISTAKES Find who you trust and devour feedback to improve.
  • LOVE RANDOMNESS Magic strikes without warning, e.g unplanned studio run-ins.
  • PROTECT FRESH EARS Preserve clear judgment by embracing breaks.
  • PATIENCE MAKES PERFECT It’s a long road from song completion to release.

Episode II: Jahaan Sweet & Teddy Walton

Key learnings…

  • SAVE EVERYTHING Beats often get placed years after inception. Hold on to gems.
  • PUT ART FIRST Awards are nice until they become the main incentive.
  • DOG-MEET-DOG WORLD Friendships open doors and make wins worthwhile.
  • NEVER KNOW IT ALL Stay humble enough to know there’s always room to grow.
  • STUDY BUSINESS Master the basics (e.g. copyright ownership) to protect yourself.

Episode III: BlaqNmilD 

Key learnings…

  • MIX AND MATCH Uncover new sounds by bridging gaps between different genres.
  • DODGE LABELS Relatedly, avoid pigeonholing by exploring, not restricting, yourself.
  • MANAGE FILES Dated song titles & updated folders make sessions efficient.
  • DIVERSIFY PROJECTS You can work with ‘smaller’ artists without risking ‘big’ looks.
  • A&R YOUR SOUND Identify talent around you to build your creative community.

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