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Welcoming Simon Fuller’s Global Pop Group Now United to AWAL


We’re happy to announce an exclusive worldwide deal, with Simon Fuller’s new global pop group, Now United. The AWAL recordings deal offers the group a range of services, including global distribution, marketing strategy and playlist pitching, matching the global reach Now United has itself.

Lonny Olinick, AWAL CEO, commented on the deal, “It’s an honor to be working with Simon on Now United and a testament to our capabilities in supporting visionary industry leaders. Now United has built an incredible foundation as a video-first project and is the realization of Simon’s unique vision for a truly global pop and dance group. We look forward to the international launch of Now United and taking this project to the next level.”

Now United is a new pop concept for a new generation created by Simon Fuller, the inspiration behind the Idol TV franchise, Spice Girls and So You Think You Can Dance. Now United is an inclusive, innovative and interactive celebration of the spirit & energy of music and dance. Launched in 2018, and comprised of 14 talented new singers and dancers from 14 different countries (Japan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, UK, Senegal, Germany, Canada, Brazil, USA, Mexico, China, India and Finland), Now United is the first group to offer open access to their music and lives in real time, creating an immersive and fun experience that inspires a Gen Z audience around the world to engage with their every move.’

Simon Fuller adds, “I am delighted to be working with Lonny and everyone at AWAL. With Now United I am exploring a whole new approach to launching a music act and am loving the freedom to experiment.  After a year of development and almost a billion views of our video content, I believe the time is right for us to begin streaming our music to the world. AWAL are at the cutting edge of delivering digital content and have been perfect partners.  Together, we will look to innovate at every opportunity and explore new ideas that compliment Now United’s very Global approach to building a highly engaged audience.”

Now United’s full catalogue is now available to stream and they continue to grow, with 11 music videos currently out with nearly 150 million views. The group will be releasing a new single, “Legends” on Friday, September 27th. Visit Now United’s socials for updates and news on their upcoming music releases.



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