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Saint PHNX On Greenroom Myths & Twin Science


Welcome to #nofilter, a recurring Q&A series that gives standout artists room to breath.

Three years ago, budding rapper Rory Fresco found himself slotted behind Kanye West’s “Real Friends” by a fortuitous SoundCloud algorithm. The placement singlehandedly led to hundreds of thousands of streams (the play count recently hit at 6.6 million), press exposure, and deal talks with different music companies.

Similar internet magic struck Glaswegian brother duo Saint PHNX when their “Deadmen” video found its way to YouTube’s Related Tracks section for an Imagine Dragons video, a full circle moment if there ever was one. Last year, the brothers opened for the Vegas-raised megastar act in London. A million views later and Saint PHNX now have all eyes on them.

The boys look to make good on early promise, but there’s always time for laughs on the way up. Keep scrolling for honest thoughts about read receipts, backstage bullsh*t, and the science behind identical twins.

1). People who use read receipts for texting are:

Needy bastards. 

2). Industry buzzwords you never want to hear again:

“Recoupable advance.”  

3). Worst date you’ve ever been on:

Once went on a date with a girl that had a stick-on ponytail. Frightened the shite right out of me.

4). Celtic or Rangers?

The most successful football team in the world.

The Gers, The Teddy Bears, The Boys in Royal Blue.

The Famous, Glasgow Rangers.

5). Do you know how to lucid dream—

Yes, I’m doing it right now as I type…… with no clothes on.

—and what usually happens? 

I get on with day to day life…… with no clothes on.

6). Three artists people are sleeping on? 

Delta Spirit, Neon Waltz, Bad Mannequins.

7). The most overrated thing about being in a band is…

Backstage. Just a small room with free beer where you watch each other take a shit before stage time. (This is because there is usually no door on the toilet. Not because we like to watch each other take a shit.)

8). How would your fans describe you?

A fan once described me at a charity event as, “Genuinely funny and surprisingly down to earth.

How would your brother describe you? 

A selfish man child who is not our Mother’s favourite and has terrible fashion sense. 

9). Anything you wish we had asked?  

Why do identical twins have different fingerprints?

Now answer it.  

Although identical twins share the same DNA, they don’t look identical cell-for-cell, because not every aspect of your physical appearance is rigidly determined by your genes.

Fingerprints are formed semi-randomly as the foetus develops in the womb and are affected by such things as chance fluctuations of hormone levels.

Similarly, the pattern of freckles and moles on the skin is caused by random mutations and will vary between identical twins.

Check the latest viral vid from the Glasgow twins, “Deadmen.” 


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