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My Journey: Sam Brockington


At AWAL, we love sharing our artists’ stories so their paths — as individual and unique as the music they make — inspire others to pursue their own music-career goals. 

Here in our “My Journey” series, our members share their stories — the challenges they’ve faced, how they’ve overcome them, the milestones they’ve achieved, and where they hope the future leads.

This week, we’re speaking with Bristol, UK-based singer/songwriter — Sam Brockington.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about how you got your start as an artist?

I learnt the guitar after a serious leg operation that left my foot paralyzed. I stayed in bed for a year. This inspired me to combine the guitar with my voice and go busking out in Melbourne, somewhere where I didn’t know anyone, to test my skills.

Q: Where are you now in your musical journey?

After coming home to study in Bristol, I have since gathered over half a million Spotify streams on my debut, self-released EP, Peace of Mind. Whilst being supporting by BBC Introducing/6 Music, I was also lucky enough to be booked for Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Y NOT, and BBC 6 Music Festivals.

Q: What kinds of challenges have you had to overcome up to this point?

With my injury, I have faced a lot of challenging keeping up with the pace of the industry. For example, due to my injury, festivals aren’t easy. I broke my ankle at the first Glastonbury I was booked for but played on! And got my redemption the next year. After five operations, I’m baring some scars, which come through in my music. I recently underwent my last and most successful operation, which feels like I’ve now overcome the whole ordeal.

Q: Tell us about some of the most rewarding points in your career so far.

The connection I’ve made with fans and friends along the way has been really rewarding. Although, people keep sending me pictures of their casts and broken toes and feet… that’s not so necessary!

Q: What are the next milestones you’re looking forward to hitting?

To keep playing bigger and better stages. I also am looking forward to signing my first record deal, hitting a million streams on a single song, and playing with Bon Iver.

My Journey: Sam Brockington

Q: What are your ultimate artistic goals?

After being booked for Glastonbury ’15 and ’16 on the Croissant Neuf tent, I am now more inspired than ever to one day play the Pyramid Stage

Q: How has your AWAL experience been so far?

Great. I just got my rights transferred over to me for my song “Sea Anemone,” which has gathered over 100,000 streams on Spotify. The AWAL team was great to work with in helping me transfer accounts. I’m excited to see where we go next!

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