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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Spotify Artist Profile


Your artist profile is one of the main channels listeners use to interact with both your music and your brand. So, you don’t want to simply set one up, you want to optimize it and really make the most of all the functionalities an artist profile has to offer you. Going the extra mile to buff-up your profile can be a big help when it comes to both getting more streams and more followers.

Here are 5 tips for making the most of your artist profile.

1. Personalize Your Profile

Your artist profile is your second home, so don’t be afraid to make it your own! You can start by adding in a compelling artist bio. Here is where you want to share your journey as an artist — your milestones, and your achievements infused with the essence of who you are. If you have trouble accessing or editing your profiles bio you can reach out for help here.

*You can see some tips from a previous post on writing a killer artist one-page*

Next, move on to customizing your artist profile image. Here you want an image that really pops and lets your personality shine. Make sure that you upload a high resolution image (although no bigger than 20 MB) to avoid any pixilation. Ideally, your image should be at least 2660×1140 to give you plenty of space to work with.

2. Create Playlists of Your Own and Share Them

Whether it’s a playlist of artists who have inspired you or just a selection of your own songs, regularly sharing playlists on Spotify is one of the best ways to direct more attention to your music and grow your fanbase.

Also, consider having some fun with any playlists you do create by branding them with some custom art and descriptions. Just as you can choose releases to highlight at the top of your page, you can also pick playlists to highlight as well.

3. Share Your Profile On All Your Other Channels

Spotify makes it extremely easy to share your artist profile pretty much anywhere.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Spotify Artist Profile

If you have an impressive website, a sizable social following, or girthly email list, you should 100% be sharing your Spotify profile across these channels. This exponentially helps to get your music heard. So, especially whenever you have a new release or playlist — hit that share button!

4. Display Your Live Shows

An artist profile also has the ability to house information about any upcoming concerts or live shows and you should absolutely take advantage of that. So, if you are touring or performing anywhere live be sure you’re listing all that information on your artist profile too. Fans can easily get all the necessary information on where you’ll be performing and actually find tickets straight from your profile.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Spotify Artist Profile

5. Dive into Data and Insights

Available to all artists and managers through Spotify for Artists, you get access to data about who’s listening to your music, which playlists are driving new listeners, and more.

For AWAL members, these real time data insights are also accessible through the AWAL App. The AWAL App goes even further by  enabling you to compare your data side-by-side across both Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, AWAL Insights™ help deliver all this data in a clean and easily digestible format.   

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Spotify Artist Profile

You can use these insights provided to you by Fan Insights and the AWAL App to guide you in making key decisions on things like which cities to hit on your upcoming tour, which demographic to target when you run your next Facebook ad campaign, and much more.


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