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AWAL Signs Worldwide Recordings Deal with Payton Moormeier


We are excited to announce a global deal with singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Payton.  AWAL will provide Payton a full range of services, including global marketing, campaign coordination, A&R and global distribution.

Pete Giberga, AWAL Head of A&R, said, “We are thrilled that Payton has chosen AWAL as his partner on what has already been a tremendous journey. He is a musician and songwriter at his core, and his diehard fan base continues to be a huge part of amplifying his message globally. It’s a great responsibility to help an artist continue to build towards their goals and aspirations, and we couldn’t be more ready for that exciting challenge.”

The Georgia-born and North Carolina-raised Payton has been steadily building his fanbase over the past few years through his music and content. He has attracted over 13 million fans on TikTok, 732 million “likes,” and billions of views and impressions by 2020.  

As his profile rose, Payton focused on crafting his original solo debut. In 2020, he served up his independent single “Love Letter.” Within a week, it impressively racked up over 1.5 million Spotify streams. Payton has since gone on to be a disruptive force for pop music, racking up millions of streams and attracting early acclaim.

Commenting on the deal, Payton said, “Everything always felt right with AWAL from the beginning, I’m very very excited to continue this journey with them.”