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AWAL First: Week of May 28th


We have incredible artists releasing tons of new music each week, some of which claim a spot on our AWAL First playlist — a playlist dedicated to featuring some of the top-performing tracks in the AWAL catalogue for the week based on playlist adds, streams, and listeners.

This week we’ll be taking a closer look at the newest artists added to AWAL First Playlist, covering new music through AWAL from Lauv, Omar Apollo, and KAWALA.

1. Bracelet — Lauv

Lauv dropped two new tracks last week  — “Bracelet” and “Paranoid.” They both had a massive debut weekend, with “Bracelet” edging ahead with over 922,000 streams from nearly 465,000 listeners.

Major Playlist Adds

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.49.54 PM

“Bracelet” was added to 19 New Music Friday playlists around the world, along with Hits Banget, Daily Lift, and more.

AWAL Insights™: 44% of all of “Bracelet’s” streams came from the United States.

2. Ignorin — Omar Apollo

Over 102,000 listeners were paying close attention to “Ignorin” during its first weekend of release, earning the track 153,000 streams.

Major Playlist Adds

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.03.02 AM

“Ignorin” was added to New Music Friday in the US, in addition to New Indie Mix, Bedroom Pop, and the influential music blog Pigeons and Planes’ P&P Weekly.

AWAL Insights™: 69% of all of “Ignorin’s” Spotify streams came directly from playlists.

3. Funky — KAWALA

KAWALA’s latest track, “Funky,” danced through its first weekend with a stunning 118,000 streams from almost 94,000 listeners.

Major Playlist Adds

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.58.47 PM

Along with adds to Apple Music’s Best of the Week, “Funky” appeared on 10 New Music Friday playlists, Spotify Germany’s Indie Radar, and Transistor.

AWAL Insights™: 54% of “Funky’s” streaming listeners are male.


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