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AWAL First: Week of July 2


We have incredible artists releasing tons of new music each week, some of which claim a spot on our AWAL First playlist — a playlist dedicated to featuring some of the top-performing tracks in the AWAL catalogue for the week based on playlist adds, streams, and listeners.

This week we’ll be taking a closer look at the newest artists added to AWAL First Playlist, covering new music through AWAL from Ella Vos, Icona Pop & VÉRITÉ feat. Mija, REZZ & 1788-L, and NOVAA.

  1. You Don’t Know About Me (ACLU Remix) — Ella Vos, Icona Pop & VÉRITÉ

The latest remix of Ella Vos’ hit “You Don’t Know About Me,” the proceeds of which were donated to the ACLU, features Icona Pop, VÉRITÉ, and Mija. The track had a phenomenal first weekend of release, earning 254,901 streams from 182,958 listeners across Spotify and Apple Music.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.06.09 PM

Alongside adds to New Music Friday in both the US and UK, “You Don’t Know About Me (ACLU Remix)” was also added to Apple Music’s Best of the Week, Relaxed/Remixed, and Future Sounds, among others.

AWAL Insights™: Just over half of the song’s listeners on Spotify and Apple Music were female — 54% to be exact.

  1. H E X — REZZ & 1788-LAs REZZ finishes up her second album, she teased fans with the first of four collaborations — the funky “Hex” featuring 1788-L — which cast a spell its first week with 212,084 streams from 85,169 listeners.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.10.01 PM

“Hex” was added to several Apple Music playlists, including Best of the Week and Heavy Hitters, along with New Music Friday and New Music Now — both in Rezz’s home country, Canada.

AWAL Insights™: The track’s most-streamed country was the United States with a massive 71% of all streams. (California accounted for the majority of its streams in the US!)

  1. Club Paradise — NOVAA

“Club Paradise,” NOVAA’s latest anthem featuring her signature brand of “organic electronic,” delighted 127,117 listeners over its debut weekend, earning it 104,969 streams.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.17.54 PM

Five New Music Fridays featured “Club Paradise,” along with Spotify’s New Alternative playlist and Apple Music’s Best of the Week.

AWAL Insights™: The region that accounted for the most amount of “Club Paradise’s” streams was Nordrhein-Westfalen in NOVAA’s native Germany, followed by both Los Angeles and New York City.

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