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AWAL First: Week of July 16th


Every week, music flows through AWAL’s pipelines and enters digital retailers around the world. We honor some of those special songs with a slot on our AWAL First playlist. The Spotify franchise features top-performing tracks from the previous week. Because every release offers lessons and insights, we’ll take a closer look at the latest additions to AWAL First: Bexey, Allie X and deadmau5.

  1. “Monophobia” by deadmau5

Electronic star deadmau5 picked up steam with the release of his new EP mau5ville: Level 1. Leadoff track “Monophobia” sees the veteran producer reunite with Rob Swire. The pair famously collaborated on 2009 single “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” which boasts more than 80 million streams on Spotify alone. 363,627 people have enjoyed Level 1’s surging standout, playing it 566,574 times.

Major Playlist Adds

Untitled design (3)

“Monophobia” has enjoyed considerable support across both Spotify’s and Apple Music’s respective ecosystems, landing slots on the former’s New Music Friday flagship and the latter’s A-List: Dance playlist. Additionally, as of this post, the track is #33 on Spotify’s Viral 50 (Global) & #41 in the US. 

AWAL Insights™: Spotify’s users and Apple Music’s users just about evenly contributed to the first-week streams of “Monophobia.” 53 percent of streams took place on the former, while 47 percent occurred on the latter.

  1. “CUTTHROAT SMILE” by Bexey ft. $uicideBoy$

Look no further for a trunk-rattling master class in three-minute escapism. Bexey and $SuicideBoy$ came together for some rowdy rap and the outcome connected with 40,486 fans, who rewarded the collaboration with 176,194 streams.

Untitled design (4)Bexey and co. enjoyed coveted real estate on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK playlist. “CUTTHROAT SMILE” also made appearances on  curation brand Digster’s Hip Hop Club Bangers.  

AWAL Insights™: Guys are really feeling Bexey and $uicideBoy$ new track as 70% of listeners have been men. 

  1. “Not So Bad In LA” by Allie X

Allie X’s fans wasted no time rallying behind her latest release. 41,721 listeners responded in kind to the Toronto singer’s Lana Del Rey-inspired single, streaming it 117,082 times.

Major Playlist Adds

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“Not So Bad in LA” pulled in thousands of streams from a handful of noteworthy Apple Music playlists such as Best of the Week, and Pop Chill, while also getting the #1 spot on Spotify’s Indie Pop Chillout. Allie X also took over the cover. 

AWAL Insights™: 19% of streams for “Not So Bad in LA” are coming from Best of the Week on Apple Music. 

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