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AWAL First: Week of Jan 29th


We have incredible artists releasing tons of new music each week, some of which claim a spot on our AWAL First playlist — a playlist dedicated to featuring some of the top-performing tracks in the AWAL catalogue for the week based on playlist adds, streams, and listeners.

This week we’ll be taking a closer look at the newest artists added to AWAL First Playlist, covering new music through AWAL from R3HAB & Mike Williams, Cuco, and Only Shadows.

1. Lullaby — R3HAB & Mike Williams

“Lullaby” had a massive first weekend of release, earning upwards of 1.4 million streams from over 668,000 listeners.

Major Playlist Adds

Lullaby — R3HAB & Mike Williams

“Lullaby” was added to 21 New Music Friday playlists in addition to uber-popular Apple Music playlists including Best of the Week, EDM Hits, and the “Dance” Apple Music Radio Station.

AWAL Insights™: New York City (47,706 streams) and Los Angeles (36,815) were “Lullaby’s” most popular US cities in its debut weekend, followed by San Francisco (22,121), Chicago (21,412), and Washington, DC (14,855).

2. Sunnyside — Cuco

Cuco’s “Sunnyside” earned over 265,000 streams from over 151,000 listeners over its debut weekend.

Major Playlist Adds

Sunnyside — Cuco

“Sunnyside” was added to three New Music Friday playlists around the world, along with playlists like Apple Music’s The A-List Indie, and Spotify’s Anti Pop and New Indie Mix — the latter of which has over 800,000 followers.  

AWAL Insights™: “Sunnyside’s” listeners are nearly split down the middle: 53% are female, while 47% are male.

3. Stay Close to Me — Only Shadows

Only Shadows’ “Stay Close to Me” racked up more than 38,000 streams from over 30,000 listeners in its debut weekend.

Major Playlist Adds

Stay Close to Me — Only Shadows

In addition to a New Music Friday add in the UK, “Stay Close to Me” appeared on several big-time Spotify playlists, including All New All Now, The Indie List, and Rock Brandneu.

AWAL Insights™: Listeners are loving “Stay Close to Me” in the evening: Monday and Friday at 6:00 PM are the track’s most popular streaming times so far.


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