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AWAL First: Week of August 27th


Music flows through AWAL’s pipelines every day, popping up on digital retailers around the world. Our AWAL First playlist showcases the previous week’s top performers. Here, we share each of those song’s stories through data. Keep scrolling for a closer look at the numbers behind R3HAB and Sofia Carson’s “Rumors,” Kim Petras’ “All the Time,” and “Reboot” by KAMI, Smoko Ono, Chance the Rapper, and Joey Purp.

  1.  “Rumors” by R3HAB & Sofia Carson

R3HAB’s scorch-earth album rollout crescendoed when “Rumors” hit DSPs last week and entered the ears of 819,543 people. Listeners generated 1,533,051 streams for the project’s final single—a vindictive electronic ballad featuring accomplished artist-actress Sofia Carson.

Major Playlists

AWAL First: Week of August 27th

The world’s biggest playlists made room for one of the world’s biggest DJs. Apple Music slotted “Rumors” on A-List: Pop, EDM Hits and Best of the Week. Spotify did the same with placements on 30 New Music Friday playlists and Cratediggers.

AWAL Insights™: R3HAB is resonating: more than 23,000 Apple Music and Spotify users added “Rumors” to their personal collection.

  1. “All the Time” by Kim Petras

Pop’s next big thing brought her chart-ready chops to a single that cuts to the chase. “All the Time” accumulated 549,709 plays thanks to 238,254 people who undoubtedly turned to Petras’ latest for a weekend soundtrack.   

Major Playlists

AWAL First: Week of August 27th

Spotify was all over “All the Time,” spotlighting its three minutes of pop perfection on New Music Friday playlists from US, to Norway, to the Philippines plus inclusion on Pop Rising. Apple Music showed love on Best of the Week and Breaking: Pop.

AWAL Insights™: Petras’ release has enjoyed a healthy blend of support to start its journey. Editorial placement has driven 46 percent of streams, organic engagement 41 percent.  

  1. “Reboot” by KAMI, Smoko Ono, Chance the Rapper, and Joey Purp

Chicago’s stars aligned and made a bop to end summer strong. 299,599 listeners streamed KAMI and Smoko Ono’s “Reboot” 700,925 times. The lively track doubles as a SAVEMONEY reunion with features from Chance the Rapper and Joey Purp.

Major Playlist Adds 

AWAL First: Week of August 27th

Apple Music boosted organic support for “Reboot” with valuable real estate on A-List: Hip-Hop and Best of the Week. Spotify held it down with a timely add on Most Necessary.

AWAL Insights™: The 18-24 male demo takes top honors for highest engagement; across the board, guys are driving 80 percent of first-week streams for KAMI and Smoko’s new single.

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