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Aly & AJ Are Brilliant, On Fire, and Unfiltered


Welcome to #nofilter, a recurring Q&A series that gives standout artists room to breathe.

A decade is a mighty long time. The early aughts saw Aly & AJ journey through the Industrial Child Star Complex and emerge, all things considered, intact, and talented as ever. The Michalka sisters’ hiatus followed a global frenzy that included RIAA plaques, Hello Kitty dolls, Nintendo DS games, Adventure Books, and lots of screaming fans. Ten Years, their first music project since 2007’s Insomniatic, is wholly self-funded and self-governed. No one’s calling the shots but them, and we’re super here for it. Press play for brooding, booming hooks and nostalgia-pumping synthesizers. Keep scrolling to meet the real them.

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Go IN on the latest from the starlet sisters — Ten Years (Deluxe) — which includes 4 new, spicy tracks.  


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