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9 Tips for Creating a Killer Artist One Sheet


1. Artist Name/Logo

Your artist logo should be prominently placed at the top of your artist one sheet. If you don’t have a logo, simply type out your artist name in large, bold, easy-to-read text.

2. Press Photo

Near your artist name, place an eye-catching, high-quality press photo that shows off your unique personality. This is the first thing the eye will be drawn to, so make sure the photo represents you as an artist. If you’re promoting an upcoming tour, you could use a hi-res live shot to showcase your stage presence.

3. Brief Biography

You won’t have room for your full artist bio on your one sheet, so keep it concise and to the point… like, five sentences or less. This is a good place to tell your story, talk about the genre of your music, and mention some of your influences.  

4. Major Achievements

Anyone looking at your one sheet will want to know what makes you impressive and worth their time, so feel free to brag a bit here. Consider something like talking about five of your biggest achievements in a bulleted list near your press photo. If you had sold-out shows on your last tour, opened for another cool artist, won an award, or scored a synch license for one of your songs — mention it! Include recognition as an “artist to watch” in a countdown, or any similar feature. If the streams, sales, or views from previous releases were substantial, provide those stats.

5. Press Quotes

Social proof is extremely valuable. If someone’s on the fence about whether or not to consider you, a good quote from a publication could be the deciding factor. Obviously, the more clout the publication has, the better, but even if all you have so far is a small mention from an indie blog, don’t underestimate its power. Press breeds press, so use it to your advantage!

6. Social Media Handles and Numbers

Provide your social media handles for all the major platforms, and include your stats for each one (especially if they’re impressive). Tastemakers will first look at your fans, likes, followers, and views to get a big-picture sense of where you are in your career. Once you have their attention, they’ll likely visit each of your social media pages to see how active you are and how engaged your fans are.

7. Album or Touring Info

Whether you’re about to embark on your first tour, or you’re releasing your debut full-length album, make sure you include a section with all the important details on what you’re promoting. For a new release, include album artwork, release date, recording information, and specific tracks to check out. For a tour, include dates, any major festivals you’re playing, your tourmates (if you’re opening for a reputable act), and where to find more information.

8. Videos/Extra Imagery

If you have quality music videos or live performances, adding in thumbnails and active hyperlinks if possible is always a nice touch. The thumbnail images break up the text on the rest of the page, and can help make your one sheet more aesthetically pleasing. Keep it to three videos max, though, and make sure to test the links before you send it out!

9. Official Website and Contact Info

Simple, but so important. If someone wants to work with you, they need to know where to find more information about how to get in touch with you. Include your official website URL and the full names and email addresses for everyone on your team (management, PR, booking, label, radio, synch, etc.).

Whether you’re a new artist or an experienced pro, your artist one sheet can really help anyone reading identify what’s unique about you and your music. Give it some visual love. Use a clean font, make your sections concise, and throw in a cool background or graphic. It doesn’t really matter how you design your one-sheet, so long as it shows your personality in a way that’s easy to digest.



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