Music Marketing
Spending $$$ Smart

Money matters.

How we choose to spend, save, and reinvest impacts what moves and what doesn’t, what looks good and what falls apart. That goes for $150 DIY videos and big-budget tour productions. Every chunk of change reflects a creative judgment or strategic choice. Ideally, all costs incurred will drive some form of return, furthering the vision and mission of the spender/investor.

Sometimes, small, simple things protect the bigger picture, like per diems and accommodations on the road to ensure a healthy, happy performer. It can also mean something more complex, like orchestrating a marketing campaign that crosses country lines, or planning the global supply chain of an artist’s merchandise business.

However you decide to slice, it, limitless options await. Artist teams of all sizes make daily decisions concerning the resources available to them. Often, the best ideas come from constraints, forcing folks to think outside the box. At the top, when money appears to be no object, it’s easier to go bigger, but more’s at stake.

In a nutshell, the possibilities for spending are dizzying at every level, which is why it’s crucial to understand when it makes sense to spend what, where, and why. To try and lend a helping hand, we spoke with folks from Live Nation, Pigeons & Planes, Blame the Label, AWAL, Injury Reserve, Assemble Sound, digital marketing agency Motive Unknown, and many more to try and break down different ways to spend smart.

Below is the full five-part installment of "Decoded: Music Marketing."

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