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July 2022 Release Rewind


Young The Giant – ACT 1: ORIGINS


Having been over 4 years since the release of their last album Mirror Master, the critically-acclaimed and multi-platinum American rock band Young the Giant gave fans the ultimate mid-summer treat: ACT 1: ORIGINS. This EP is the first act of their forthcoming 5th studio album American Bollywood. The EP’s lead single “Wake Up” is described by the band to be “where this story begins: a fever dream from the poet Vyasa of past lives and visions, the journey of this band and all of our collective identity over the last four years.”

In tandem with the release, the band also unveiled the short film for title track “American Bollywood” which brings the song to life through an array of transcending, intersecting visuals. Watch it here!

Djo – “Gloom”


Djo – aka Joe Keery – has released the 2nd single “Gloom” from his forthcoming album ‘DECIDE’. He brings a spellbinding collage of snaky pop hooks, neon melodies, and deeply personal singer-songwriter lyricism, and the album melds high-tech songcraft with quick wit, irrepressible spirit, and an impressive breadth of vision that showcases glowing synths and big beats over the trippy guitars that defined his 2019’s acclaimed debut, TWENTY TWENTY. Soon, we’ll all be able to experience the quirky strain of psychedelic-leaning bedroom pop that is ‘DECIDE’ – out September 16th! 

Maddie Zahm – “You Might Not Like Her”


Maddie Zahm unveiled the deeply personal and relatable track “You Might Not Like Her” which highlights her emotive vocals and allows her powerful storytelling abilities to shine through. The song is incredibly bold and diaristic, painting intricate scenes of coming-of-age filled with both extreme heartache and self-awareness. Maddie’s songwriting packs an often-cathartic gut punch, and is elegantly crafted around her fierce and accomplished vocal delivery. Debuts don’t come more fully formed than this!

The release was accompanied by an equally moving video, directed by Gus Black, that acts as a tribute to her past and sees her current self reflecting on some of her most vulnerable moments. You can watch it here!

SBTRKT – “Ghost” featuring LEILAH


As a follow up to the surprise release of “Miss The Days” SBTRKT gave us new single “GHOST”.  Ethereal and spacious, the release is a layered concoction of rasping synths and isolated vocals. LEILAH’s voice feels like a seraphic presence throughout, enhanced by scattered injections of distortion and glossy reverb. “GHOST” is prismatic and bursting with ambience, it’s a welcomed reminder of SBTRKT’s ability to create boundary-pushing and multi-sensory sounds irrespective of genre. Fun fact – SBTRKT created the lyric video himself. Watch it here!

Genesis Owusu – “GTFO”


Enshrined within an unstoppable break-out year of accolades, including three ARIA award wins, a U.S. late-night television debut and a recent run of dates across the U.S. and Europe, Genesis Owusu definitely made his returning statement and stellar follow-up on “GTFO”. The release invites us into the listening party of his innermost thoughts, in which he simultaneously shares his compelling story and unreservedly expresses his truest opinions. We love it here. 

The single was accompanied by a music video directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell aka Uncle Friendly. Watch it here!